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Baby Squirrels in Summer

Baby Squirrels in Summer On average gray squirrels have two litters of babies annually. The time of year that seems different from most other animals is the summertime. Typically you would think that the babies would be born in the spring. I must say even as a wildlife operator, it is still surprising every year […]

Squirrel Damage Repair

Squirrel Damage Repair Once squirrels have made their way onto the roof, they will begin to gnaw certain areas of the house. Common places that squirrels chew on are gutters, wooden fascia board, wooden soffit boards, decorative wood trim boards and roofing shingles. The misconception with squirrels is that they chew right into the side […]

Attic Dwellers

Attic Dwellers When the weather becomes extremely cold, many of the animals become dormant or less active. If you look outside on a really cold day you will hardly see any wildlife except for maybe some birds. Many of the animals have found refuge and the optimal refuge is inside the attic of a warm […]

Squirrel Babies Season

Squirrel Babies Season Gray squirrel babies season is almost upon us. In the Charlotte, NC area gray squirrels have two litters of baby squirrels a year. The first batch of squirrel babies are born in February around Valentines Day. Squirrels nesting in an attic typically have between 3-5 baby squirrels. It is best to make […]

Squirrel Damage To Rotten Wood Fascia

Squirrel Damage To Rotten Wood Fascia One of the most vulnerable areas on a home, especially to squirrel damage, is the fascia board. This is the board that is where the gutters attach to. Most homes in this area use the cheapest material which is pine. If there is water present for an extended period of time […]

Squirrel Removal from Walls

Squirrel Removal from Walls Squirrel removal from walls can be extremely challenging because they most likely are coming and going. Most people think that because they hear them in wall that they are trapped and cannot escape. Squirrels are extremely good climbers and in most cases if they were able to find there way in […]

Dead Animal Removal

Dead Animal Removal If faced with a dead animal removal from the wall, dead animal smell in the attic or a dead animal smell in the crawl space it is best to contact a wildlife removal company. Most deal animal removal calls we get there are other moving parts to just simply removal the carcass. […]