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Squirrel Control

Charlotte Squirrel ControlCharlotte NC squirrel control is a local wildlife control network that prides itself on the humane removal of nuisance wildlife such as gray squirrels. Squirrel Control is very important to the citizens of Charlotte. The Goal of the Charlotte NC Squirrel Control network is to protect homeowners once they have squirrels in the attic.

Almost all squirrel control situations in Charlotte are not covered by homeowners insurance and all expenses will be the responsibility of the homeowner. Getting rid of squirrels can be very costly. Charlotte NC Squirrel Control prides itself on the most efficient methods in the industry to keep the cost as low as possible.

In Charlotte north Carolina we have two squirrel seasons. This increases the likelihood that a litter of baby squirrels in an attic. In warmer climates such as Texas, squirrel control experts only deal with one squirrel season in the spring where you can potentially hear the baby squirrels scratching around in the attic. Most squirrel nests are constructed by the adult female mother squirrel out of fiberglass insulation, twigs, tree limbs, leaves, pine needles and other foliage.

If any wires are located near the nesting site this increases the likelihood that the live copper electrical wires could be exposed. Once an electrical problem has been identified by a squirrel pest control agent, a Charlotte electrician contractor would need to contacted before any future squirrel control in the attic could be performed. When the baby grey squirrels reach the age of about five to six weeks, the homeowner will begin to hear the young squirrels running back and forth in the attic. It is not until that when the squirrels reach about three to four months old that the squirrels in the attic will leave the nest and be able to live on their own.

In some rare cases there will be a cluster of adult male squirrels that will move into a warm area such as an attic. The adult male gray squirrel do this to protect themselves from the cold temperatures that can occur during winter time. This scenario is not something Charlotte NC Squirrel Control comes across often, but when it does happen there is a lot of squirrel damage associated with it. If you are hearing noises in the attic around early fall and during the day it is most likely a family of squirrels living in the attic.

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