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Got Squirrels in your Attic?

Got Squirrels in your Attic?

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Need Squirrel Removal?

Need Squirrel Removal?

Squirrel Removal Near Charlotte, NC

Squirrel removal in Charlotte, NC is a very serious problem that local homeowners face in the fall and spring. We offer an over the phone  squirrel removal cost consultation.

Charlotte NC Squirrel Removal calls that Mecklenburg County NC Animal Control receive are given to a professional squirrel removal company. Charlotte Squirrel Removal offers all of your squirrel removal needs for Charlotte and the surrounding area. Services include installing squirrel one way doors,  getting rid of squirrels from the eaves or soffits, squirrel exclusion, electrical repair from squirrel damage, removing squirrel nesting material in attic, dead squirrel removal, attic insulation restoration, squirrel removal from walls and disinfecting areas squirrel poop was laying on the insulation.

Squirrels in the Attic

Squirrels in the attic space are one of the most common problems we deal with at Charlotte Squirrel Removal. Examples of complaints that we receive on a daily basis in NC are squirrels running back and forth in the attic, squirrels chewing the romex away exposing the copper electrical wires, squirrels nesting in the walls, squirrels getting in the attic gable vents, squirrels nesting in the attic, squirrels running in the gutters and squirrels in the soffit/eaves.

The gray squirrel is a rodent which causes their teeth to constantly grow similar to rabbits. This causes the squirrel to chew on any object to keep their teeth sharp. In nature, gray squirrels chew on tree bark, twigs and other natural hard items. In your attic, they chew on wires, support beams, roof braces and electrical fixtures.

Squirrels destroy your insulation by trampling on it and pushing it down, which reduces your R-factor. The contaminated insulation needs to be replaced with new blown in fiberglass insulation. Squirrel urine and feces will collect in your insulation. When you hear chewing or scratching in your attic it is imperative that you pick up the phone and call a squirrel control specialist.

Attic Restoration

We offer are attic restoration, tree limb trimming, electrical repair, wood repair, insulation removal and installing fresh new energy efficient insulation. Rid your home of all rodents such as gray squirrels and  flying squirrels permanently.

Charlotte Squirrel Removal is owned and operated by PCA Wildlife.  is a member of the BBB.

The counties we service are Mecklenburg, Iredell, Lincoln, Union, Rowan, Cabarrus, Gaston and Stanley. In South Carolina we service York, Chester and Lancaster Counties.

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