Squirrel Exclusion

Squirrel Exclusion Charlotte North CarolinaSquirrel Exclusion in Charlotte North Carolina is a common problem that many homeowners experience. Call us today for Squirrel Exclusion in Charlotte and communities throughout Mecklenburg County. Squirrels are listed by the state of North Carolina as a nuisance animal. A wildlife removal, control and abatement specialist is allowed to exclude squirrels with the appropriate licensing, which is legal at all times of the year. Some of the types of squirrels that often require a squirrel removal company from Charlotte are grey squirrels, flying squirrels, and rodents such as rats and mice.

All these squirrels have proven to be a nuisance in and around the Charlotte North Carolina area. Some of the squirrel exclusion issues that Charlotte Squirrel Control specialist deal with on a daily basis include: Squirrel trapping, Squirrel Removal, Preventative Squirrel Exclusions, Dead squirrel Removal and Deodorization of infected areas in the Attic where squirrel droppings are present. Some of the situations that we find to be very common in Charlotte are people hearing noises in their attic and homeowners needing a a squirrel trapper! Charlotte squirrel trapper. We also receive calls from people wanting to hire a company for Squirrel exclusion or replace boards in shingles on their home caused by squirrel damage. To read more click on: Getting Rid of Squirrels 

For professional squirrel exclusion and other wildlife control needs in North Carolina and South Carolina, call PCA Wildlife at (704) 377-2847.

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