Monroe Squirrel Removal

Monroe NC Squirrel Removal

Monroe Squirrel Removal

Monroe Squirrel RemovalMonroe NC Squirrel Removal is a common problem that homeowners face starting in early fall. Grey squirrels can have two litters a year and usually are born in August and September in the Piedmont region which includes Mecklenburg County. All Squirrel Removal problems should be handled by a Monroe NC Squirrel Removal professional. Grey squirrels commonly chew on electrical wires and need to be removed from the attic immediately to prevent attic fires. The wires most vulnerable are going to be closest to the nesting area. We offer squirrel removal inspections for Monroe and communities throughout Mecklenburg County including Monroe, Huntersville and Monroe NC.

Grey squirrels are listed by the State of North Carolina as a nuisance wildlife animal and Monroe NC Squirrel Removal is a problem that Mecklenburg County Animal Control will not handle. When you are dealing with Squirrel Removal you need to hire a Monroe NC Squirrel Removal company with the appropriate North Carolina Damage Control Agent Licence. The wildlife removal professional you hire must be registered with the North Carolina Wildlife Resources Commission.

While performing Squirrel Removal in Monroe NC, whether it is humane live trapping or using euthanasia traps, the squirrel removal wildlife damage control agent in is required to fill out a Wildlife Damage Control Agent Form. The form is a State Permit to Destroy or Remove Wildlife Injurious to Agriculture or Personal Property. Squirrel removal is legal at all times of the year but it is highly recommended that you use a Squirrel Removal Professional. Grey squirrels are the most common squirrels in and are one of the most destructive. These squirrels have proven to be a nuisance in and around Monroe NC and Mecklenburg County areas.

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