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Charlotte NC Rodent Removal

Charlotte NC Rodent Removal ControlCharlotte NC is located in the piemont region of the Carolinas right in between the Blue Ridge Mountains to the west and the Atlantic Ocean to the East. Because of the geographical location, Charlotte is prime area for all types of animals. One of the most common pest problems in Charlotte is rodent removal. There are many types of rodents in Charlotte such as flying squirrels, gray squirrels, norway roof rats and many types of mice.

Successful Rodent Control Charlotte NC will depend on many factors but the first step is to identify which type of rodent is in the attic crawlspace. Once you identify which type of rodent then you need to figure out what type of trapping or exclusion method you are going to use. In many rodent removal cases, a one way door is the most reliable method for gray squirrel removal. When you are dealing with smaller rodents living in the attic or crawl space you will have better success with traps. If it is a roof rat or flying squirrel, you would want to use some old school rat snap traps. If it is just your common house mouse then just some smaller snap traps. I wouldn’t recommend using poison because it is not only unsafe for children and pets but you could end up with a dead smell coming from the wall.

Once the rodent removal process has been a success then it is time for the exclusion process. Sealing up all areas is key to rodent proofing your house. Depending on which type of rodent is in the house, this will determine which areas need to be sealed. If is it mice in the attic you would need to thoroughly examine all areas near the foundation. If it is a slab house then the most common entry points are going to be the garage and any type of hvac lines that lead up into the attic. If the house has a crawl space the most common entry for a mouse is going to be around a crack in the brick, around the crawl space door or around the crawl space vents. The best material for the base of the foundation is 100 percent clear silicone.

The most difficult rodent removal method is excluding flying squirrels from the attic. Flying squirrels are a little bit bigger that a mouse and can get in any gap bigger than an inch. All roofline gaps, soffit junction gaps, construction gaps and mortar gaps must be sealed wilth aluminum or galvanized steel flashing. If the areas you are sealing are grey squirrel entry points you want to use galvanized steel.