Flying Squirrels

Attic Dwellers

Attic Dwellers When the weather becomes extremely cold, many of the animals become dormant or less active. If you look outside on a really cold day you will hardly see any wildlife except for maybe some birds. Many of the animals have found refuge and the optimal refuge is inside the
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Nesting in attic, Squirrels

Squirrels Nesting in the Attic

Squirrels Nesting in the Attic After all the leaves have fallen from the trees and you begin to see frost in the morning, it is clear that winter is upon us. This not only signals the wonderful display of lights and gifts but it is also the time that you will begin to hear squirrels n
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Flying Squirrel in Attic

Nocturnal Nightmare – Flying Squirrels in the Attic

Flying Squirrels in the Attic Flying squirrels in the attic are the most problematic animal removal situation for homeowners and wildlife removal companies to resolve. These small rodents are not much bigger than a mouse and attack all roof-line gaps. If every gap bigger than 3/4 inch
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