Squirrel Removal Concord NC

Concord NC Squirrel Removal

Concord NC Squirrel Removal

Squirrel Removal Concord NCSquirrel Removal is a common call throughout Cabarrus County and the Concord NC because of the mild winters. With this climate condition in North Carolina, Squirrel Removal is common for nuisance wildlife removal of the Eastern Gray Squirrel. Cabarrus County Squirrel Removal Services helps with damage that comes from chewing on wires. Since the squirrel is a rodent, their front teeth continually grow causing the squirrel to chew to keep their teeth sharp and at a manageable level. In nature, squirrels chew tree bark, twigs and other natural hard items. In your attic, they chew wiring, support beams, roof braces and electrical fixtures. They can destroy your insulation by trampling it and pushing it down which reduces your R-factor. Their urine and fecal matter will also collect in your insulation. They also cause damage in drywall by digging holes in the ceiling. If you hear chewing noises in the attic or scratching in your attic don’t hesitate to call us. Call us today for all of your squirrel removal needs in Concord NC. Squirrel Removal in North Carolina helps repair damage caused by squirrels and to prevent squirrel entry and damage in the future.

Concord NC Squirrel Exclusion

The most effective squirrel exclusion method is using bend and cut machine to custom cut galvanized steel metal and installing it over the contruction gap. The bend and cut machine will give the metal a lip so it slides underneath the shingles and then attached to the fascia board galvanized quarter inch hex head screws. Many people have the misconception that squirrels just burrow right into your house. If a squirrel can see into your attic, then it will begin chewing to get in. If the drip edge is properly installed and the squirrel has no way of seeing into your attic he is just going to move on to the next house on the street. The construction gap was located where the plywood and the fascia boards do not meet flush right above the gutters. This type of problem is common in North Carolina especially Concord NC area.

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