Squirrels Nesting in the Attic

Squirrels Nesting in the Attic After all the leaves have fallen from the trees and you begin to see frost in the morning, it is clear that winter is upon us. This not only signals the wonderful display of lights and gifts but it is also the time that you will begin to hear squirrels […]

Squirrel Control Charlotte NC

Squirrel Control Charlotte NC Squirrel Control Charlotte NC is a very common problem that homeowners face in the fall and spring. Most of the squirrel removal calls that Mecklenburg County Animal Control receive are given to a professional squirrel control Charlotte NC company. Some of the squirrel removal services that we offer are squirrel trapping […]

Squirrel Babies Season

Squirrel Babies Season Gray squirrel babies season is almost upon us. In the Charlotte, NC area gray squirrels have two litters of baby squirrels a year. The first batch of squirrel babies are born in February around Valentines Day. Squirrels nesting in an attic typically have between 3-5 baby squirrels. It is best to make […]

Nocturnal Nightmare – Flying Squirrels in the Attic

Flying Squirrels in the Attic Flying squirrels in the attic are the most problematic animal removal situation for homeowners and wildlife removal companies to resolve. These small rodents are not much bigger than a mouse and attack all roof-line gaps. If every gap bigger than 3/4 inch is not sealed properly, this problem can continue […]

Squirrel Damage To Rotten Wood Fascia

Squirrel Damage To Rotten Wood Fascia One of the most vulnerable areas on a home, especially to squirrel damage, is the fascia board. This is the board that is where the gutters attach to. Most homes in this area use the cheapest material which is pine. If there is water present for an extended period of time […]

Squirrel Removal from Walls

Squirrel Removal from Walls Squirrel removal from walls can be extremely challenging because they most likely are coming and going. Most people think that because they hear them in wall that they are trapped and cannot escape. Squirrels are extremely good climbers and in most cases if they were able to find there way in […]

Squirrels Removal From Gable Vent in Charlotte

Squirrels Removal From Gable Vent in Charlotte We Recently removed squirrels from an attic gable vent in Charlotte, North Carolina. The home was over a hundred years old and due long history of squirrels nesting in the attic this proved to be a very specialized job. When we are squirrels from an attic, we make […]

Bat Removal Charlotte

Bat Removal Charlotte When doing a bat removal Charlotte job, it is necessary to take all the precautions to prevent any exposure to health hazards. The primary objective with bat removal is to safely remove the bats in the attic and prevent future bat colonies roosting in areas such as gable vents, dormer windows, soffits, […]

Critter Removal

Charlotte NC Critter Removal Critter Removal Charlotte NC deals with the removal of rodents such as rock squirrels, red squirrels, grey squirrels, flying squirrels, norwayrats, roof rats and mice. Most damage from critters in the attic results from squirrels chewing on wires, rats chewing on wires and attic insulation that has urinated on or has […]

Rodent Control

Rodent Control Charlotte NC Across the globe, rodents such as squirrels, rats and mice spread over 35 different diseases. These diseases can be prevented through the reduction of human exposure and proper Rodent Control in Charlotte NC. If you have located some of these rodents in the attic or crawl space, it is best to contact a Rodent Control […]